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The Western Standard offers advertisers Calgary Sun readership numbers, at Strathmore Times prices. 

We do this by achieving a very high level of readership with remarkably low overhead costs. 

Our 775,000 average monthly pageviews is due in large measure to our willingness to cover stories and angles often ignored by the mainstream corporate media, most of which are owned in Central Canada and subsidized by the federal government. 

While breaking the mold of our old, mainstream competitors, we strictly adhere to established journalistic standards. This allows us to straddle a large – mostly empty – market between the “mainstream” and “alternative” media. 

The Western Standard proudly refuses to accept any government funding whatsoever. Our readers know this and is important in building a trustable brand with a large readership across Western Canada. 

For more information about advertising, email sales@westernstandardonline.com

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